Dominican Republic,Caribbean

The Panama registered tanker Astron hit ground outside Punta Cana 7.April 1978 under what is believed, a journey from USA to Aruba. The reason for the wrecking is disputed, as is the nationality, the route and other details. The crew of 23 men got away from the accident without injuries, but the ship was torn in two parts and ripped apart over time, which also caused an oil spill. The bow rest on a depth of 0 to 15 meter.

Former names:
220,7 x 30,0 x 11,9 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
26947 grt
St.Nazaire ( F ) 1957
Panama ( PA )

Picture: Astron, bow section in 2018
From video by EI Guapo
( Edited )

Last updated: June 2019