B-29 Super Fortress

Puerto Rico,Caribbean

In 1996 an official survey was done on this airplane wreck, but her exact identity was impossible to prove. Since only the center fuselage and wing assembly is fairly intact, there was no clear evidence to be found. The survey clocluded it could be the remains of the B-29 Super Fortress with tail number 42-65287 that was lost in Puerto     Rican waters and was assigned to US Army 17th Bomber Operational Training Wing. However, the scattered remains of this once so mighty airplane rest on a depth of 34 meter in Bahia de Aquadillo approx two nautical miles outside Aquadilla Pueblo.

Former names:
B-29 Super Fortress

99.0 x 141,3 x 27,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
33,79 tons ( empty )
Nebraska ( US ) 1944
( US )

Picture: B29 Super Fortress
Courtesy of USAAF,Public domain

Last updated: January 2016