Grand Cayman Island,Caribbean

Viben was a general cargo stemaer laid down by Randolph AS Skipsbyggeri in Grimstad, and was launched in Mai 1923 for the Norwegian company Cygnus AS. She was sold a few times before she ended up sailing as Balboa for the Jamaican company Webster & Sons in Kingston in 1928. Under a journey towards Pensacola loaded with wood she experienced engine problems and had to seek harbor in Georgetown. While she laid at anchor she was caught by a hurricane 10. November 1932. Her hull was broken up where she laid and she sank in shallow waters. The wreckage and her steam boiler lies today scattered out on a depth of 5 to 13 meter right outside Georgetown harbor.

Former names:
232,6 x 37,7 x 20,4 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1389 grt
Grimstad ( N )
Kingston ( JM )

Last updated: November 2019