Daini Koyo Maru

Saint Lucia,Caribbean

Daini Koyo Maru was a former Japanese dredger, bought by the Government of Saint Lucia in 1990. Not much is known about her origin or history, but after a few years of service she was laid up and handed over to the Department of Fisheries. She was deliberately scuttled as an artificial reef and dive attraction in September 1996. The wreck rest today upside down about half a nautical mile off shore at Anse Cochon Bay west of Saint Lucia on a depth of 20 to 32 meter. Also see the wreck of the coastal freighter Lesleen M.

Former names:
Daini Koyo Maru
( # 2 )
74,4 x 24,4 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
( JP )
( LC )

Last updated: November 2020