El Aguila


El Aguila was a Colombian coastal freighter that operated between Honduras and San Andres. Under a journey from Haiti to Puerto Cortes loaded with concrete, she hit ground under a gale and shipwrecked outside Utila in Honduras 23. October 1989. She was re-floated and towed to harbor in the 1990's, but s storm made her sink once again. In 1997 she was raised from her position and deliberately scuttled outside Sandy Bay. The hurricane Mitch tore the wreck apart in 1998. She rest today broken up in three parts on a depth of approximately 25 to 30 meter outside Sandy Bay in Roatan. Also see the wreck of Odyssey.

Former names:
El Aguila

230,0 x ? f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
500 grt ( ? )
( ? )
( CO )

Last updated: January 2020