USS Merrimac


Solveig was a steamer laid down at Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson, and was launched in September 1894 for the Norwegian company Christian Michelsen & Compagnie in Bergen. She was sold three years later to Hogan & Sons North Atlantic Steamship Company in Bristol and renamed Merrimac. Two years later she was bought by the US Navy as a collier. A month before the Battle of Santiago de Cuba, she was  to be scuttled as a block ship outside the city to trap the Spanish ships. She came under heavy fire from the Spanish cruiser Vizcaya 2. June 1898 and land based artillery and sank outside the island of Cayo Granma. The crew of eight men was captured bu the Spanish and taken prisoners of war. The wreck rest today south of Santiago de Cuba in the strait between the island Cayo Granma and Punta Churruca on a depth of 15 to 20 meter. Also see the wrecks of the Spanish cruisers Almirante Oqunedo, Cristobal Colon and Vizcaya.

Former names:
USS Merrimac
Solveig, Merrimac
322,9 x 44,2 x 27,3 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3380 grt
Wallsend-Upon-Tyne ( UK ) 1894
( US )

19° 58′ 37″ N, 75° 52′ 18″ W

Picture: USS Merrimac in 1898
Courtesy of US Navy
NH14585, Public domain

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