Playa Giron


At Bay of Pigs ( Playa Giron ) south on Cuba it was 17.April 1961 launched a CIA supported invasion to overthrow Fidel Castro. A landing Brigade 2506 and other Cuban paramilitary forces were used, delivered by several small landing crafts. The battle lasted for three days before the force had to surrender due to lack of US support. The operation that was meant to stop Castro, had the opposite effect and he was after this considered a national hero and manage to strengthened his position on Cuba. In Bay of Pigs the wreck of two of these military landing crafts rest on a depth of approx 15 meter.

Former names:
"Playa Giron"

Tons: Built: Home Port:

( US ) ( US )

22°04′ N 81°02′ W


Pictures: Landing ships at Playa Giron & Brigade 2506 prisoners
Wikipedia, Public domain