Tamaya was a three masted barque laid down by Vernon & Sons i Liverpool, and was launched in 1862 for Balfour Wiliamson & Company in Liverpool. She was later sold to unknown owners in France. While anchored up in the harbor in late April 1902, the volcano Mount Pelée started to get active. 8. May the volcano erupted in a devastating blast of ash and lava that totally laid waste to the town of Saint Pierre and killed around 30 000 people. Several ships in the harbor also caught fire and disappeared in the deep the following days. The wreck of Tamaya was found in 1984, and rest today on a depth of 77 to 86 meter. Also see the wrecks of the steamer Roraima, and Teresa Lo Vico.

Former names:

49,1 x 8,0 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
504 grt
Liverpool ( UK ) 1862
Nantes ( F )

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