Vizcaya was an Infanta Maria Teresa class armored cruiser laid down in Bilboa in 1890 for the Spanish Navy. She was launched in July 1891 and commissioned two years later.  After the outbreak of the Spanish-American war in 1898, she set sail from Cape Verde towards the Caribbean. She managed to stop the American collier USS Merrimac blocking the fleet inside Santiago de Cuba, but was later engaged by American warships in the Battle of Santiago de Cuba 3. July 1898. She was heavily damaged by enemy fire, and her bow was blown off and the bridge shot to pieces. She was soon full ablaze and ammunition to one of her gun turrets blew up. She was soon after deliberately run aground outside
the bay of Aserradero. The wreck was inspected by the American's after the battle but was deemed unworthy of saving. Also see the fate of the cruisers Cristobal Colon and Almirante Oquendo.

Former names:

364,0 x 65,2 x 21,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
6890 grt
Bilbao ( ES ) 1891
( ES )

Picture: Vizcaya
Courtesy of US Navy NH57996, Public domain

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