Aeolian Sky


Aeolian Sky was laid down as a general cargo and container ship at Shin Kurushima Hashihama Dockyard Company Ltd in Japan, and was launched in 1978 for the Greek company Proteus Maritime in Piraeus. Under a journey from London to Dar-As-Saalam in Tanzania loaded with vehicles, she collided with the German ship M/V Anna Knuppel in the English channel 3.November 1979. Experiencing leaks and engine problems, she was taken in tow towards the English coastline. Due to the danger of her blocking the sea lanes, port access was denied at several English ports, and they sat course for Portland. The leaks however overtook her, and early in the morning 4. November 1979 she went down. The wreck had to be partly dismantled and salvaged to clear the ship lane, and she rest today on her port side on a depth of approximately 18 to 35 meter, southwest of Bournemouth.

Former names:
Aeolian Sky

485,7 x 72,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
10715 grt
Hashihama ( JP ) 1978
Piraeus ( GR )

GPS:  50 30.55 N; 02 08.33 W
( Source: Deeper Dorset  )

Last updated: January 2021