NRP Afonso Cerqueira


Afonso Cerquira was a Baptista de Andrade class corvette laid down by Bazan in 1973. Shehad a straightforward  career in the Portuguese navy together with her three sister ships between 1975 to 2015. She was stricken from the navy lists the year after, and deliberately scuttled south of Cabo Girao in Maideira 4. September 2018 to create an artificial reef and dive attraction. The wreck rest today standing on her keel as a classic Donald Duck wreck on a depth of 18 to 30 meter.

Former names:
Afonso Cerqueira

F 488
84,6 x 10,3 x 3,3 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1252 displ
Cartagena ( ES ) 1973
Lisbon ( PO )
32° 38´ N 16° 54´ W
( Source: Manta Diving )

Picture: Afonso Cerquira - F488
Courtesy of Madeira Island Information

Last updated: January 2020