Akka hit ground south of Dunoon 9.April 1956. Captain Sundin decided to change course when they sailed up through Firth of Clyde to avoid the reefs at Gantock Rocks, but discovered that the ship responded much slower than he thought. The engine was quickly shut down, but she drifted further towards the reefs and at 9:26 she hit ground. Almost half the hull from the bow and towards mid ship was ripped open. The crew went to the lifeboats, and five minutes after they hit ground, she capsized and disappeared in the deep. She was on a journey from Öxelsund to Glasgow loaded with iron ore, and had a crew of 33 men. The wreck rest on her keel on a depth of 30 to 40 meter on the west side of Dunoon Bank. In 1956 the bridge was blown of the wreck to open up the passage.

Former names:

132,44 x 17,29 x 7,41 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5409 grt Göteborg ( S ) 1942 Stockholm ( S )

Picture: Akka
originally from skovheim.org
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