The steamship Amasis was put in service for the German company DDG Kosmos as a freighter. In 1926 she was sold to HAPAG and put in the route between Hamburg and South America. And this service she do until the outbreak of second world war. In October 1939 she arrived in Hamburg after a dangerous journey through the south Atlantic, and was thereafter used in the Baltic sea. In the beginning of April 1940, Amasis loads a cargo of coal in Stettin and set course for Norway under command of Carl Albrect and a crew of 51 men. 9.April 1940 she is located outside Lysekil when the British submarine HMS Sunfish spot a big German freighter. Sunfish fires two torpedoes, but only one hit Amasis at mid ship on her port side. The British submarine tries thereafter to find out the identity of this ship, but is forced to submerge when they see airplanes approaching. Albrect gives order to stop the engines, and anchor up since he believe the damage isnt critical. Most of the crew goes to the lifeboats, but the captain and a Swedish pilot decides to stay on board. Fishing boats arrives and offer help, but this is rejected by Albrect. On the night 10.April she disappears in the deep outside Tovas Unger. The wreck was located in the late 1950s on a depth of 35 to 50 meter.

Former names:

133,6 x 16,8 x ? m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
7129 grt Vegesack ( D ) 1923 Hamburg ( D )

58°14′21.5″ N 11°15′47″ E
Picture: Amasis
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