HMHS Amsterdam


Amsterdam was built in Clydebank in Scotland for the company Hull & Netherlands Steamship Company, and was launched in 1930. She was sold to Royal Navy in 1941 and put in service as a troop transport, and was later in the war used as a hospital ship. She participated in Operation Overlord in June 1944 and was hit by two mines outside Juno Beach 7. August 1944. She sank in less than ten minutes and its believed almost a hundred people lost their lives. The battered wreck rest today on a depth of 14 to 21 meter outside Port-en-Bessin in Normandy.

Former names:
HMHS Amsterdam
350,8 x 50,1 x 26,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
4220 grt
Clydebank ( UK ) 1030
London ( UK )

Picture: Amsterdam in the 1930's
Courtesy of Mariners Society

Last updated: May 2019