HMS Audacious


HMS Audacious was the last of four King George V class dreadnoughts built and was launched in September 1912. Except from mobilization after the outbreak of world war one and as an escort to reach Scapa Flow she never saw any action. She sank 27.October 1914 after having struck a mine laid out by the German ship Berlin, 24 kilometers from Malin Head in Northeastern Ireland. She was at sea for training with her 13,5" guns when they struck a mine. Audacious was hit and severely damaged on her port side and started to flood quickly. She was taken under tow by the British cruise liner Olympic who had arrived the site to assist, but due to poor routines of damage control she sank. The wreck of this mighty dreadnought rest today upside-down on a depth of 58 to 70 meter northeast of Tory island near Lough Swilly.

Former names:
HMS Audacious

597,6 x 89,0 x 28,8 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
23000 grt Birkenhead ( UK ) 1912 ( UK )

55° 32′ 16″ N, 7° 24′ 33″ W

Picture: HMS Audacious
Imperial War Museum, photo:Q32200
Underwater video