HMS Brighton Belle - NF 17


The British paddle steamer Brighton Belle was one of the many ships that took part in the Allied evacuation of Dunkirk in May 1940, called Operation Dynamo. Royal Navy organized a great deal of civilian ships in the operation, and Brighton Belle which already did service as a minesweeper, arrived Dunkirk for the second time 28.May 1940. She picked up 800 allied soldiers, but collided on her way out from Dunkirk with a wreck that had been sunk only a few hours before. According to reports form local divers, she sank on a depth of 13 meter right outside the city of Dunquerque at North Sand Head.

Former names:
HMS Brighton Belle
Lady Evelyn, NF-17 200,0 x 24,8 x 8,2 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
396 grt Kinghorn ( UK ) 1900 Bristol ( UK )

Picture: Brighton Belle
Courtesy of Tim Sargeant

Rebuilt 1904, hull lengthened by 30 feet
Renamed Brighton Belle in 1923, NF-17 in
1940 under Operation Dynamo