SMS Brummer

Orkney Islands,Europe

SMS Brummer was a light cruiser built by AG Vulkan in Stettin and lauched in December 1915. She was designed as a minelayer, but the German Navy never operated her in this role. She was used to raid a British convoy to Norway in October 1917, and together with her sister ship they manage to sink two destroyers and nine of the twelve merchant ships. Brummer was included in the list of ships interned at Scapa Flow following the Armistice. 21.June 1919 Admiral Ludwig Von Reuter sent out the order "Paragraph 11", the code for the German fleet to scuttle all their ships. Within a few hours, almost the whole fleet disappeared in the deep, with exceptions of a few destroyers and smaller units that the British Navy managed to beach or avoid being scuttled. Most of the wrecks were raised or salvaged but some were left alone in the deep. The wreck rest today on her starboard side on a depth of 20 to 36 meter north of Cava. Also see the wrecks of Cöln, Dresden, F 2, Karlsruhe, König, Kronprinz Wilhelm, Markgraf, V 83 and the salvage barge YC-21.

Former names:
SMS Brummer

462,0 x 44,0 x 20,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
4308 grt Stettin ( D ) 1915  ( D )

GPS: 58.53.83N, 3.09.15W
( Source: Scapa Flow Wrecks )

Picture: SMS Brummer
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