Cardenal Cisneros


Cardenal Cisneros was a Princesa de Asturias armored cruiser laid down at Arsenal de Carraca in 1890. She was launched in March 1897, and commissioned five years later. She had a short career in the Spanish navy, and under a journey from Muros to Ferrol for maintenance, she hit ground at Meixidos reefs south of Finisterre 28. October 1905. It took nearly an hour before she disappeared in the deep, and the crew had plenty of time to abandon ship. The wreck was found in 2006 and her remains rest today on a depth of 60 meter two nautical miles outside Os Meixidos.

Former names:
Cardenal Cisneros

361,1 x 61,0 x 21,8 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
6888 displ ( std )
Ferrol ( ES ) 1905
( ES )

Picture: Cataluna,
Princesa de Asturias class
Courtesy of Wikipdia, Public domain

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