Sweden,Baltic Sea

Ravensdale was built by Edward Withy & Co in Sunderland and launched i 1881. She was sold to Latvia in 1903, and three years later to the company Cronberg AS in Sweden. She then got the name Cedric. On a journey from Hull to Gäfle loaded with coal she hit ground at Orskar outside Sweden 16.December 1910. She quickly sank and only three men of the crew survived the night. The wreck was found in 1993 near Grundkallen light on a depth of 39 meter.

Former names:
226,0 x 29,5 x 16,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1109 grt
Sunderland  ( UK ) 1881
( UK )

Picture: Cedric
Per Åkesson

Last updated: June 2019