HMS Charybdis


HMS Charybdis was laid down in Birkenhead in November 1939, and was launched in September 1940. She was commissioned in the Home Fleet in December 1941, but was assigned back and forth several times between the Mediterranean and the English waters. In October 1943 she was part of Operation Tunnel, the intercept of the steamer Münsterland, a German ship carrying vital supplies. The British force consisted of HMS Charybdis and six destroyers, including HMS Limbourne. They picked up the German convoy on their radars at night 23. October 1943, but the German escorts were the first to react. 1:30 at night Charybdis and Limbourne were both hit by torpedoes from the German escorts T23 and T27 outside Sept- Iles in France. Thirty minutes later Charybdis went down, with more than four hundred men from her crew. The wreck was found in 1993, and rest today on a depth of 75 to 85 meters.

Former names:
HMS Charybdis
485,0 x 50,5 x 14,3 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5600 displ ( std )
Birkedhead ( UK ) 1940
( UK )

48°59 N 3°39 W

Picture: HMS Charybdis in 1943
Courtesy of Royal Navy, Public domain

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