SMS Cöln

Orkney Islands,Europe

21.June 1919 the German commander Ludwig Von Reuter issued the order to launch "Paragraph 11", the code for the German fleet to scuttle. Within a few hours the whole fleet disappeared in the deep, with exceptions of a few destroyers and other units that the British navy managed to put ashore or avoid being sunk. In the years that followed most of the wrecks were salvaged or raised by different companies. SMS Cöln was left alone, and rest today with a listing of 90 degrees towards starboard on a depth of 20 to 33 meter northeast of Cava.

Former names:
SMS Cöln

510,0 x 47,0 x 21,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5531 grt Hamburg ( D ) 1916  ( D )

Picture: SMS Cöln
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