Countess of Erne


Countess of Erne was a paddle steamer built by Walpole, Webb & Bewley in Dublin in 1868.  She served as a passenger boat for the British company London & Northwestern Railway. After new and better ships took over the routes in Ireland she was put up on auction and sold to to Bristol General Steam Navigation Company in 1889. After a couple of years of service there she was rigged down and used as a coal hulk. While she laid at Weymouth harbor her moorings broke and she drifted and sank at the breakwater 30 September 1935. The wreck rest today standing on her keel at the inner breakwater in Portland on a depth of 8 to 15 meter. Also see the wreck of the dreadnought HMS Hood.

Former names:
Countess of Erne

241,4 x 29,0 x 14,3 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
830 grt
Dublin ( UK ) 1868
( UK )

50°35'06.6"N 2°25'05.4"W

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