Direktor Reppenhagen

Sweden,Baltic Sea

The steamship Direktor Reppenhagen was one of four ships sunk on the same day by the British submarine HMS E19. The submarine commanded by Lieutenant Commander Francis Cromie, boarded and scuttled her in Kalmar Strait 11.October 1915. The same day they managed to sink the ships Gutrune, Nicomedia and Walter Leonhardt. The wreck was found in the early 1980s standing on her keel on a depth of 28 to 38 meter in Kalmar Strait northeast of Stenshamn.

Former names:
Direktor Reppenhagen

79,4 x 11,0 x 5,1 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1683 grt
Hamburg ( D ) 1893
Stettin ( D )

GPS (ED50): D.56:02,952 16:10,797
( Source: Vragguiden )

Picture: Direktor Reppenhagen
Screen from video by Christer Doeleman

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