SMS Dresden

Orkney Islands,Europe

SMS Dresden was the second Cöln class light cruiser built for the Kaiserlische Marine. She was launched in April 1917, and was commissioned the year after. She never saw anyaction during World War One, and was internet together with most of the other German navy ships after the armistice in November 1918. She went down in the deep 21.June 1919 when commander Ludwig Von Reuter issued the code "Paragraph 11", the order for the whole German fleet to be scuttled. Within a few hours most of the fleet disappeared in the deep.All the way up until the outbreak of second world war, most of the ships were either raised or salvaged on site. The wreck of Dresden was left alone and rest today with a listing towards port on a depth of 16 to 35 meter northeast of Cava. Also see Brummer, Cöln, F 2, Karlsruhe, König, Kronprinz Wilhelm, Markgraf, V 83 and YC-21.

Former names:
SMS Dresden

510,0 x 47,0 x 21,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5531 grt Kiel ( D ) 1917  ( D )

GPS: 58 52.969 N, 3 08.526 W
( Source: Scapa Flow Wrecks )

Picture: SMS Dresden
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