Latvia,Baltic Sea

The steamship Rhiengold was built by Ferdinand Schihau in Danzig, and was launched in 1924 for the company Barchan & Horn. She was sold five years later to Rabien & Stadtlander in Bremen and was renamed Eifel. In 1935 the German Kriegsmarine was in need of military transports, and requisitioned her. She almost survived the war, but during the evacuation of soldiers and military material from Latvia and the eastern territories, she was spotted and sunk outside Liban by Soviet airplanes 17. February 1945. She carried over 900 soldiers when she was attacked, and only 138 men survived the sinking. The wreck rest today 25 nautical miles outside Liepaja on a depth of 38 meter.

Former names:
72,4 x 11,5 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1429 grt
Danzig ( D ) 1924
Bremen ( D )

Last updated: June 2020