RFA El Grillo


The tanker El Grillo was built in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne for the British company Bowring Steamship Company. She sailed between England and South America, and after the outbreak of world war two she was requisitioned by Royal Navy. While she laid at anchor in Seyoisfjord 10.February 1944, she was attacked by three German FW 200 Condor planes. She was heavily damaged in the attack and the captain decided to sink her. Salvage were done on the wreck in 1952, and in 2010 the wreck was cleared of oil and ammunition. She rest today in Seyoisfjord east on Iceland on a depth of 20 to 42 meter.

Former names:
El Grillo

440,7 x 57,5 x ? f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
7264 grt / 4414 nrt
Elswick * ( UK ) 1921
Liverpool ( UK )

Pictures: El Grillo & German Fw200 Condor plane
Courtesy of Historicalrfa & Bundesarchiv

( Bild 146-1978 )

Picture: Salvage operations in 2010
Courtesy of Subseapartner

Last updated: March 2017