Empire Heritage


Empire Heritage sailed in convoy HX-305 and was on a journey from New York to Liverpool with a cargo of fuel,Sherman battle tanks and trucks. Outside Ireland she was torpedoed and sunk by the German uboat U 482 under command of Hartmut Graf von Matuschka 8.September 1944. Of the 162 men on board, 112 perished. The wreck was found in 1995 and rest on a depth of 66 meter at Malin Head.

Former names:
Empire Heritage
Tafelberg 154,9 x 22,1 x 15,4 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
13640 grt Newcastle ( UK ) 1930 Edinburgh ( UK )
55.27 N 8.01 W
( Source: Uboat.net )

Picture: Tafelberg
Courtesy of Uboat.net

Armstrong, Whitworth & Co Ltd, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
for Kerguelen Sealing & Whaling,Cape Town. 10339 grt.
Launched July 1930. Rebuilt 1943 to a steam tanker. 13640 grt