HMS Empress of India


HMS Empress of India was a modified Royal Sovereign class dreadnought battleship laid down by Pembroke Dockyard in July 1889. She was launched in May 1889 and commissioned two years later. She did service in Channel Fleet as flag ship, and in the International Squadron in the Mediterranean  before she ended up with coast guard duty outside Ireland. She was taken out of service in 1912, and the year after she was used as a target ship in Lyme Bay. She disappeared in the deep after being hit by 44 grenades 4. November 1913. The wreck rest today upside down partly buried in the mud on a depth of 32 to 47 meter in Lyme Bay.

Former names:
HMS Empress of India

380,0 x 75,0 x 27,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
14150 displ Pembroke ( UK ) 1891  ( UK )

50 29.44 N; 02 57.52 W
( Source:Deeper Dorset )

Picture: HMS Empress of India
Courtesy Royal Navy, Public domain