HMS Exmouth


HMS Exmouth was an E class destroyer laid down by Portsmouth Dockyard in Mars 1933. She was launched in January the year after, and was commissioned in 5th Destroyer Flotilla in November 1934. At the outbreak of World War Two she was part of Home Fleet, and was transferred a couple of times before she served as a convoy escort in the North Sea. While she escorted a merchant ship under a journey from Aberdden to Scapa Flow with war supplies, she was spotted and torpedoed by the German uboat U-22 southeast of Wick 21. January 1940. She went down with all hands lost, and only eighteen men were later washed ashore and buried with honors in Wick. The wreck was found in 2001 by the European Technical Dive Centre on a depth of 40 to 50 meter. The wreck site is considered a war grave, and a memorial has been raised in Wick to honor the casualties from the sinking.

Former names:
HMS Exmouth
H 02
343,0 x 33,9 x 12,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1519 displ ( std )
Portsmouth ( UK )
Rosyth ( UK )

58°18'00.0"N 2°25'00.0"W
( Source: Maritime & Coast Guard Agency )

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