The barque Figaro was built in Geestemünde in Germany and launched in 1879 for the company Franz Tecklenborg. She was sold to Norway in 1889, and seventeen years later she sailed for Christina Nielsen & Compagnie as a whale factory ship. Loaded with whale oil she caught fire and sank in Spitsbergen 25.july 1908. The wreck was found in 2007 but was kept "secret" for several years. Figaro rest today in a remarkable good condition despite her old age in Trygghamn on a depth of 30 meter.

Former names:

178,6 x 35,3 x 22,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1044 grt Geestemünde ( D ) 1879
Larvik ( N )

Picture: Figaro,unknown date & the wreck today
Courtesy of Norwegian Maritime Museum and NTNU

The story of Figaro is also covered in an article
by thedivers magazine Bladet Dykking in Norway

Last updated: September 2019