HMS Formidable


HMS Formidable was the lead ship of the Formidable dreadnought class, and was laid down by Portsmouth Dockyard in March 1898. She was launched in November that same year, and commissioned in October 1901. She served under various stations until the outbreak of The Great War in 1914, and served in the 5th Battle Squadron in the Channel Fleet with securing the English Channel and transporting troops to Belgium and Fran ce. Under an exercise she was spotted and torpedoed by the German uboat U-24 under command of Kapitänleutnant Rudolf Schneider late at night 1. January 1915. She was hit by two torpedoes and went down a few hours later with 547 men of her crew. The wreck rest today largely intact upside down on a depth of 25 to 60 meter outside Devon and is a designated war grave.

Former names:
HMS Formidable

431,9 x 75,0 x 25,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
14700 displ ( std )
Portsmouth ( UK ) 1898
Sheerness ( UK )

50°13'10.7"N 3°04'04.3"W
( Source: Maritime & Coast Guard Agency )

Picture: HMS Formidable
Courtesy of National Museum, US Navy
Public domain

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