FR Foudroyant


Foudroyant was one out of fourteen L'Adroit class destroyers built in the 1920's for the French Navy. She was laid down by Dyle et Bacalan in July 1927, and was launched in April 1929. She was commissioned the year after, and after the outbreak of World War Two she served in French waters. After the German invasion of Belgium, Netherlands and France in May 1940. Operation Fall Gelb as the German's named it, she was sent to participate in the evacuation of Allied troops from Dunkerque where she arrived 20. May. She was spotted and hit by three bombs from Luftwaffe airplanes outside Mardyck 1. June 1940 and sank soon after with nineteen casualties. The wreck rest today on a depth of 25 to 29 meter. Also see the wreck of the destroyer Bourrasque.

Former names:
FR Foudroyant
T 52
107,2 x 9,9 x 3,5 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1380 displ ( std )
Bordeaux ( F ) 1929
( F )

51°04'55.3"N 2°15'30.7"E

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