Fu Shan Hai

Denmark,Baltic Sea

The Chinese bulk carrier Fu Shan Hai was built in Shanghai and launched in 1994 for the company Cosco Bulk Carrier Company Ltd. On a journey from Latvia loaded with 6500 tons of fertilizer she collided with the Polish owned ship Gdynia outside Bornholm 31.May 2003. The Captain on Fu Shai sent out an emergency signal after the collision at 12:37 and barely two hours later the crew abandoned ship. The whole crew of 27 men got away from the accident without injuries, and Fu Shai sank later that same evening. Today she rest on her keel as one of the the worlds biggest "Donald Duck" wrecks on a depth of 34 to 70 meter north of the Danish island Bornholm

Former names:
Fu Shan Hai

738,2 x 105,8 x 44,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
38603 grt
Shanghai ( CH ) 1994
Guangzhou ( CH )

GPS (WGS84): 55:20,653N 14:45,449E
( Source: Vragguiden )

Picture: Fu Shan Hai
From video by Bartosz

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