Finland,Baltic Sea

Gävle was a former coastal freighter, refitted and served as a marine research vessel by the Swedish National Maritime Department in 1975. There are some conflicting history about the origin of this ship, and we have not been able to fully verify her history before 1975. While retrieving some equipment outside Åland, she hit ground under a storm 10. January 1975. The crew was rescued after hours in the rough seas, but Gävle was forced down in the deep. The wreck rest today with a listing towards starboard at Södra Sankan northwest of Mariehamn on a depth of 20 to 28 meter.

Former names:

Tons: Built: Home Port:
540 grt
( N )
Stockholm ( S )
60°14'43.0"N 19°11'13.2"E

Last updated: March 2021