KMS Graf Zeppelin


KMS Graf Zeppelin was one of two aircraft carriers ordered by the German Kriegsmarine, and the only one ever launched. She was delivered in 1938 with a size of 33.350 displ.tons. but the project was never finished due to constant changes in the design and other delays. She was in the Baltic sea until the end of world war two and to avoid that she should fall in enemy hands, she was sunk by German soldiers in Stettin in March 1945. In March 1947 the Soviet Union raised the wreck and later that same year she was towed out and used as a target ship for the Soviet navy and sunk. The wreck was found by a Polish research vessel in July 2006 on a depth of 60 to 85 meter north of Wladyslawowoin Poland.

Former names:
KMS Graf Zeppelin
Flugzeugtrager A 262,5 x 36,2 x 8,5 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
33350 displ Kiel ( D ) 1938 Stettin ( D )

55° 31' 3" N , 18° 17' 9" E
( Source: Wraki Baltiku )

Picture: Graf Zeppelin in 1938
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Picture: Graf Zeppelin in 1947
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