HMS Hermes


HMS Hermes was a Highflyer class light cruiser and was laid down at Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Company in Glasgow in April 1897. She was launched 7.April 1898 and did in the coming years service at foreign stations. She returned to England in 1913, and was used to test out airplanes and the use of these for the Royal Navy. After the outbreak of world war one she was put in service at Nore Station transporting airplanes and other military equipment to France. During a journey from Dunquerque ( Dunkirk ) back to England 31.October 1914 she was torpedoed by the German uboat SM U-27 under command by Kptlt. Bernd Wegener outside Straits of Dover north of Calais. 44 men of the crew perished. THe wreck rest today on a depth of 29 to 33 meter at Ryulingen Bank.

Former names:
HMS Hermes

350,0 x 54,0 x 21,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5600 displ *
Glasgow ( UK ) 1898
( UK )

 51°06′18″N 1°50′18″E
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Picture: HMS Hermes in Dar-Es Salaam &
Kptlt. Bernd Wegener on SM U-27 who sunk her in 1914
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