Sweden,Baltic Sea

The icebreaker Hindenburg was laid down by Stettiner Oderwerke in Germany, and was launched in December 1915. According to some historical sources she exclusively served as an ice breaker and tig boat in the Baltic sea . Under the invasion of Åland in February 1918 she was part of the German Sonderverband Ostsee transport group. She sank after shit hit a mine outside Åland 9. March 1918 with the loss of three men from the crew. The wreck was found by technical divers in 1995 on a depth of 50 meter.

Former names:

167,4 x 42,2 x 16,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
670 grt
Stettin ( D ) 1915
Stettin ( D )
60°11′N 19°25′E
( Source: Wikipedia )

Picture: Hindenburg
Courtesy of Dive Åland

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