HMS Hood


HMS Hood was laid down as a Royal Sovereign class dreadnaught at Chatham Royal Dockyard in August 1889 and was launched in July 1891. She stood ready for service two years later and did service in Mediterranean where she was used in operations around Crete and in Home Fleet in England.  In 1911 she was stricken from the Roya Navy lists, and was used as a taget ship for testing new weapons. After the outbreak of world war one she was sunk outside the harbor in Portland 4.Novemner 1914 as security against hostile uboats, a so called Block ship. The wreck of Hood rest upside-down at at the southern breakwater in Portland in Dorset on a depth of 15 to 20 meter.

Former names:
HMS Hood

410,5 x 75,0 x 27,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
14150 grt
Chatham ( UK ) 1891
Portland ( UK )

50° 34,9″ N, 2° 25,16″ W
( Source: J. Burham )

Picture: HMS Hood anno 1896
Courtesy of Shonas wrecks

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