James Barrie H15

Orkney Islands,Europe

The trawler James Barrie sank in Hoxa Sound in Scapa Flow 28.March 1969 under a journey to Hull in England. At Louther Rock the ship hit ground and damaged her hull, and started immediately to take in water. The crew was forced to abandon ship shortly afterwards, and then James Barrie was left on her own to drift in the current, but still she dint sink. It was decided to make an attempt to rescue her. The British ship Grace Paterson Ritchie took her under tow and headed for Scapa, but outside Widewall Bay it all went wrong. The wreck rest on a depth of 35 to 44 meter south of Hoxa Head.

Former names:
James Barrie H15
Benella 180,5 x 30,4 x ? f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
666 grt Aberdeen ( UK ) 1949  ( UK )

58.48.47 N 03.02.09 W

Picture: James Barrie
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