SMS Karlsruhe

Orkney Islands,Europe

21.June 1919 the Rear Dmiral Ludwig Von Reuter issued the order "Paragraph 11", the code for the German fleet to be scuttled. Within few hours almost the whole mighty German Hochsee fleet disappeared in the deep, with exceptions of a few destroyers and smaller units. In the years that followed and all the way until the outbreak of second world war, most of the wrecks were salvaged. The wreck of the light cruiser rest today with a listing of 45 degrees towards port side on a depth of 12 to 25 meter northwest of the island Cava.

Former names:
SMS Karlsruhe

496,9 x 46,7 x 19,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5345 grt Wilhelmshaven ( D ) 1916  ( D )

Picture: SMS Karlsruhe
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