Ems was built as a merchant ship at Deschimag AG in Bremen, and was launched in 1937 for the company Nord Deutscher Lloyd ( NDL ). After the outbreak of world war two, she was requisitioned by Kriegsmarine and rebuilt as an auxiliary cruiser. She stood ready in June 1940 equipped with 6 x 150mm cannons, 6 x torpedo launchers,mines and other smaller weapons as 20mm anti aircraft guns and an Arado 196 A sea plane. The ship history is quite fascinating and a detailed story can be read at Wikipedia. To make a long story short; Komet managed under her first raid to sink seven ships, and participated together with the auxiliary cruiser Orion to sink another three. In December 1940 she bombarded installations on Nauru in Micronesia before she after 516 days at sea returned to Hamburg. In October 1942 escorted by four torpedo boats and minesweepers she was bound for a raid in the Atlantic. Outside Omonville in France they were attacked by British MTB`s 14.October and Komet together with towo torpedo boats and a minesweeper were sunk. The British MTB 236 was credited with the sinking of Komet. The whole crew of 351 men perished. The wreck was found in 2006 near Cap De La Hague and the year after the wreck was filmed on a depth of 55 to 65 meter.

Former names:
Ems, Schiff 45
379,0 x 50,0 x 21,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3287 grt
Bremen ( D ) 1937
Hamburg ( D )

Picture: Komet
From video by Innes McCartney

Pictures: Arado 196A & British Vosper 72 class MTB
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