HMHS Kyarra


Kyarra was an ocen liner laid down by Willam Denny & Brothersin rn England, and was launched in 1903 for
Australian United Steam Navigation Company. She served as a liner between Australia and England until the outbreak of the Great War in 1914. She was requisitioned and outfitted as a hospital ship in November 1914, and tranported Australian medical units to Egypt. She was converted to a troop transport the following year. Under a journey from Tilbury to Devonport loaded with general goods she was spotted and torpedoed by the German uboat UB-57 outside Swanage 26. May 1918. The wreck was found by divers in the late 1960's and rest today on a depth of 18 to 30 meter southeast of Swanage. Also see the adjacent wreck of the French submarine hunter Carentan.

Former names:
HMHS Kyarra

415,5 x 52,2 x 31,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
6953 grt
Dumbarton ( UK ) 1903
Freemantle ( AU )

50°34'54.0"N 1°56'34.0"W

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