Ladoga - Ладог

Finland,Baltic Sea

Minin - Минин was an armored cruiser laid down by Baltiysky Zavod in St. Petersburg in November 1864., She was launched in November 1869 for the Imperial Russian Navy. She was converted to a mine layer in 1909 and renamed to Ladoga. After the outbreak of The Great War she laid of minefields in the Gulf of Finalnd, but was herself sunk 16. August 1915 when she struck a mine laid out by the German uboat SM UC-4. The wreck was found by sport divers in 1979,  and rest today on a depth of 40 meter southwest of Åland.

Former names:
Ladoga -Ладог
Minin - Минин 295,0 x 49,6 x 25,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
6136 grt
St. Petersburg ( RU ) 1869
St. Petersburg ( RU )

Minin - Минин in 1887
Courtesy of Riinanen, Public domain

Last updated: February 2021