HMS Limbourne


HMS Limbourne was a Hunt class destroyer built by Alexander Stephen & Sons Co.Ltd in Glasgow, and was launched in May 1942. She was commissioned in October 1942 and joined Royal Navy's Home Fleet. She was assigned with escort duty in English waters and convoys to Gibraltar and Mediterranean. In October 1943 she was part of Operation Tunnel, the intercept of the steamer Münsterland, a German ship carrying important supplies. The British force consisted of the cruiser HMS Charybdis and six destroyers. The German convoy were spotted on radars at night 23.October 1943, but the enemy escorts were the first to react. At 1:30 am at night Limbourne and Charybdis were both hit by torpedoes fired from the German torpedo boats T23 and T27 outside Sept- Iles. Limbourne's ammunition storage went off killing forty of her crew. She was taken under tow, but it was apparent that she was not sea worthy. Orders to abandon ship was given, and she was scuttled by her own crew. The wreck was found in 1993 and rest on a depth of 75 to 80 meter.

Former names:
HMS Limbourne
L 57
264,3 x 31,6 x 5,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1050 displ ( std )
Glasgow ( UK ) 1942
( UK )

Picture: HMS Limbourne
Courtesy of Royal Navy, Public domain

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