RMS Lusitania


RMS Lusitania was laid down by John & Brown Company in Clydebank in August 1903, and was launched in June 1906. She had her maiden voyage in Septenber the following year, and serviced Cunard Line route between United Kingdom - France -Ireland to America. Under first world war during a journey from New York to Liverpool with 1266 passengers and a crew of 696 men, she was spotted and sunk by the German uboat U-20 outside Old Head of Kinsale 7.May 1915. She was hit by a single torpedo and sunk within twenty minutes, taking 1198 people down with her in the deep. In the years after her sinking, it was fiercely disputed if she had been a legitimate target, and the assertion that she had carried military ammunition wasn't proved until many years later. In 2014 divers discovered live .303 caliber rifle ammunition in the cargo hold in the wreck. The remains of Lusitania rest today on a depth of 80 to 90 meter south of Kinsale lighthouse.

Former names:
RMS Lusitania

787,0 x 87,0 x 33,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
31550 grt Clydebank ( UK ) 1906 Liverpool ( UK )

51°25′00″ N  8°33′00″ W

Picture: RMS Lusitania in New York 1907
Courtesy of Maritime Quest, Public domain

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