SMS Lützow

North Sea,Europe

SMS Lützow was a Derfflinger class battle cruiser laid down at Schichau Werke in Germany in May 1912. She was launched in November 1913 and was commissioned two years later. Sue to engine problems under testing she didn't enter service before March 1916. Under the battle of Jutland 31. May and 1. June 1916 she was heavily engaged with the British forces, and sunk the British battle cruiser HMS Invincible. She was herself hit at least 24 times during the battle and heavily damaged, and had to retreat. Slowly sinking, she had to be abandoned and was sunk  by a torpedo from the torpedo boat SMS G-28 late at night 1.June. The wreck was found in 2015 and surveyed to Royal Navy. Her remains rest today upside in two parts down on a depth of 34 to 42 meter.

Former names:
SMS Lützow

690,3 x 95,2 x 30,2 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
26600 displ
Schichau ( D) 1916
Wilhelmshaven ( D )

  56°15′N 5°53′E
( Source: Wikipedia, approx location

Picture: SMS Derfflinger, sister ship of Lützow
Courtesy of
Imperial War Museum, Public domain

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