M 575


M 75 was  laid down at Tecklenburg Werft in Geestemünde in 1917 for the German navy. After trials she was assigned to 7.Minensuchflotille in the German Kaiserlische Marine. She survived the Great War and continued her career in the newly formed Reichmarine, and then the Kriegsmarine in the 1930's. In 1939 she was laid up and renovated for new tasks. In April 1940 the renewal was complete, and she was renamed M-575. In early March 1945 she laid at anchor in Copenhagen when she received orders to set course for Ålborg. Outside Helsingør the weather worsened, and they ended up in a gale. The captain decided to postpone the trip to Ålborg and seek shelter at Kullen. But this was not enough to avoid the gale, and it was decided to seek port in Helsingør. She started to flood and in the evening 2. March 1945 orders to abandon ship was given. The wreck rest today on a depth of 20 to 28 meter outside Helsingborg.

Former names:
M 575
M 75 59,3 x 7,3 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
488 grt Bremerhaven ( D ) 1917 København ( DK )

GPS (ED50): D.56:08,757 12:28,655
( Source: Vragguiden )

Minensuchboot M-75
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