Denmark,Baltic Sea

Møen was a Falster class steam gun boat laid down by Orlogsværftet in Copenhagen, and was launched in February 1875. She served in the Danish Navy from 1876, and was in 30. September 1901 used as a target ship for testing of a new type of grenades. She went down after the the third salvo who was immediately followed by an internal explosion. Since it was not the intention to sink her, the incident was researched, but no definite conclusion to the sinking could be stated. Some inventory was salvaged, but the wreck was left where she laid. She rest today in open waters northeast of Copenhagen on a depth of 17 to 22 meter.

Former names:

36,4 x 9,4 x 2,9 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
490 displ ( std )
( DK ) 1875
Copenhagen ( DK )

55°46'37.7"N 12°45'34.1"E
( Source: Öresund Dyk )

Picture: Møen
Courtesy of Orlogsmuseet Copenhagen
92-1993, Public domain

Last updated: March 2021