Sweden,Baltic Sea

Nicomedia was built by William Gray & Co in Sunderland and launched in 1901 for the German company HAPAG. She did service in the route between Hamburg and America and after the outbreak of world war one in 1914 she was put in service in the iron ore transport in the Baltic Sea. 11.October 1915 she was hunt down and boarded by the British submarine HMS E19. They let the crew abandon ship before she was scuttled. The wreck was found by sport divers resting on her keel in 1982 in Kalmar Strait on a depth of 23 to 35 meter. Also see the wrecks of Direktor Reppenhagen, Gutrune and Walter Leonhardt.

Former names:

117,2 x 15,9 x 7,8 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
4364 grt
Sunderland ( UK ) 1901
Hamburg ( D )

GPS (ED50): D.56:06,777 16:16,003
( Source: Vragguiden )

Picture: Nicomedia
Courtesy of Allan Jensen & Dyk DK

Picture: The wreck of Nicomedia
From video by Ulrik Carlsson

Last updated: September 2019