SMS Nürnberg


SMS Nürnberg was a Königsberg light cruiser laid down by Howaldtswerke in Kiel in December 1914. She was launched in April 1916 and assigned to the Hochseeflotte the year after. She saw action in Operation Albion in the Baltic Sea in September 1917, and at the second battle of Helgoland Bight in November that same year where she took some minor damage. After the armistice in November 1918, most of the German fleet was internet in Scapa Flow. Due to suspicions that the British would confiscate their vessels, the German commander Ludwig Von Reuter issued the code "Paragraph 11" the order for the German fleet to be scuttled. 21. June 1919 almost the whole mighty fleet disappeared in the deep, except for a few smaller vessels and Nürnberg who drifted and ran aground. She was later re-floated and towed to Weymouth where she was rigged down and used as target ship. She was sunk by the battle cruiser HMS Repulse 7.July 1922. The remains of her rest today on a depth of 55 to 60 meter outside Isle of Wight.

Former names:
SMS Nürnberg

497,0 x 47,0 x 19,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5440 displ Kiel ( D ) 1916  ( D )

Picture: SMS Nürnberg
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